About the Centre

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The Residential Training Centre in Złoty Potok is an integral part of the Regional Teacher Development Centre ‘WOM’ in Częstochowa (aka RODN ‘WOM’). Situated within the Polish Jurassic Highland, about 30 kilometres from Częstochowa and 90 from Cracow, it is a perfect location for trainings and active leisure.

The centre offers 24 hotel rooms, 2 equipped conference rooms, a modern and spacious dining room and a banquet hall with a fireplace. It hosts organised groups as well as individual visitors. It provides a wide range of services: from trainings, conferences and workshops for pedagogical councils to school excursions, holiday camps, company events, banquets as well as occasional parties.

Złoty Potok is a Jurassic village closely connected with trout-farming. Its unique microclimate and crystal clear water contribute to the development of fish farms. This is where the expansion of trout on the Europen tables began. The village is a real gem of historical, cultural and natural heritage. The area is rich in tourist and landscape attractions. Visitors can admire the Museum Manor House of the Krasiński Family, Raczyński Palace, Ostrężnik castle ruins, Elizabeth and Sigismund wellsprings, an old windmill and a multitude of caves. The varied terrain with its rich and clear forests, picturesque spots, limestone outliers, caves, climbing walls, hiking and cycling routes, karst springs and ponds creates a unique environment and uncommon microclimate for relaxation and active leisure.